The KURE Cleanse is a great way to attain the best possible YOU! Whether you are wanting to make a drastic change in your nutritional choices, looking to polish up on an already savvy diet, or ready to try something new, the KURE Cleanse is as easy as 1, 2, 3!



The success of your cleanse is in your hands! Failing to make preliminary dietary changes prior to starting, or starting a cleanse when your are already ‘fighting’ off a bug may result in you feeling worse than when you started. Organic juice cleanses are a very effective and gentle way to clean your system, nourish your mind and body, and help you reach your optimal self, but they are not a one-shot fix-all for poor health and bad habits. The Kure Cleanse is perfect for turning over a new leaf, picking up where you left off, or incorporating into a routine that will benifit you for a lifetime!

Preparing for a cleanse is important and will make your cleanse more successful. Start eating salads and fresh organic produce, and drink a lot of water. STAY AWAY FROM MEAT, DAIRY, COFFEE and PROCESSED SUGARS/FOODS at least two days before starting your cleanse. It is important to do a preliminary cleaning of your digestive organs by means of the foods listed above, as well as other sources of fiber to prepare yourself for maximum nutrient uptake.

Ending a cleanse is important too! You don’t want all of your efforts to go to waste by picking up right where you left off. Slowly introduce fresh fruit smoothies, continue drinking juice, and eat fresh organic produce throughout the day. The first day off of the cleanse you may eat normally, but be aware of what you are putting into your body and how it will affect you later on!

It is important to have at least one ‘green smoothie’ during each day of your cleanse to provide your body with the fiber it needs to keep things moving. While the beneficial enzymes in fresh juice are good for 48-72 hours, smoothies don’t keep so well, and tend to separate quickly after they are made unless you get them on ice or into a freezer right away.  It is also important to ingest some ‘good’ fats with each one of your juices. These unsaturated fats can be found in coconut oil,  raw almond/cashew butter, and a variety of other sources. These fats help your body absorb the abundance of nutrients you will be taking in with each one of your juices! All of the juice you will receive is organic and made fresh as close to your pick-up time as possible. Each day you will receive a different assortment of juice from our menu. Your juice blends are geared towards functionality, so remember that you have every other day that you are NOT cleansing to spice things up and have variety!


Kure Juice Bar does not employ licensed dieticians, nutritionists, or physicians. Always consult a healthcare professional before starting any type of cleanse, especially if you have pre-existing conditions.  The Kure Cleanse is not intended to treat, prevent, or cure any disease.




Feeling Awesome!

  • What started out as a one-time challenge for myself has become a monthly re-boot ritual.
    Tim Walker -KURE Cleanse Regular
  • "I was a bit concerned about not having food for three days, but my fears we assuaged when day three came and I was ready for another week!"
    Carol Singer -KURE Cleanse Conquerer